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Position: Driver

Location: Singapore

Are you ready to embark on a journey where every mile counts? Do you possess the skills to navigate the bustling streets of Singapore with finesse and reliability? We are seeking individuals, both fresher and experienced, who are passionate about driving and delivering exceptional service. As a driver, you will be an integral part of our team, entrusted with the responsibility of transporting goods and passengers safely and efficiently across Singapore. Whether you're just starting your career or bringing years of experience to the table, we welcome applicants of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to join our dynamic workforce.


  1. Safe Transportation: Your primary duty will be to safely transport goods or passengers to their destinations, adhering to all traffic laws and regulations. Safety is our top priority, and we count on our drivers to uphold the highest standards of cautious driving.
  2. Route Planning: Efficient route planning is essential for timely deliveries. You will be responsible for mapping out the most optimal routes to minimize travel time and fuel consumption while maximizing efficiency.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance: As the caretaker of your assigned vehicle, you will be expected to perform routine maintenance checks to ensure that it remains in optimal condition. Reporting any mechanical issues promptly is crucial to maintaining the safety and reliability of our fleet.
  4. Customer Service: For drivers involved in passenger transportation, providing excellent customer service is paramount. You will be the face of our company, and your courteous demeanor and professionalism will leave a lasting impression on passengers.
  5. Communication: Effective communication skills are essential for coordinating with dispatchers, customers, and fellow team members. Clear and concise communication ensures smooth operations and timely deliveries.
  6. Documentation: Accurate record-keeping is vital for tracking deliveries, mileage, and other essential data. You will be responsible for maintaining detailed logs and documentation as required by company policies and regulations.


  1. Valid Driver's License: All applicants must possess a valid driver's license issued by the relevant authorities in Singapore.
  2. Clean Driving Record: A clean driving record demonstrates your commitment to safe driving practices and is essential for this role.
  3. Physical Fitness: The job may require long hours of sitting and occasional heavy lifting. Applicants should be physically fit to perform these tasks comfortably.
  4. Good Vision: A strong vision is necessary for safe driving. Applicants must meet the vision requirements outlined by regulatory authorities.
  5. Excellent Navigation Skills: Familiarity with the streets and roadways of Singapore is advantageous. Strong navigation skills and the ability to use GPS devices effectively are essential.
  6. Customer Orientation: For drivers involved in passenger transportation, a customer-centric approach and excellent interpersonal skills are highly valued.
  7. Flexibility: The nature of transportation work often requires flexibility in working hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.


  1. Competitive Compensation Package
  2. Comprehensive Training Programs
  3. Opportunities for Career Advancement
  4. Health and Wellness Benefits
  5. Employee Assistance Programs
  6. Employee Discounts and Perks

At [Company Name], we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. We encourage individuals from all walks of life to apply, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or background. If you're ready to take the wheel and drive your career forward, apply now by clicking on the "Apply For Job" button below. Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to deliver excellence on every road we travel.

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