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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in the vibrant world of marketing? Do you possess a keen eye for trends, an innovative mindset, and a passion for driving impactful campaigns? If so, we invite you to explore career opportunities with us in Mumbai!

About Us: We are a leading marketing organization based in Mumbai, dedicated to creating cutting-edge strategies that captivate audiences and drive business growth. With a focus on creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning, we thrive on pushing boundaries and achieving excellence in everything we do.

Position: Marketing Associate

Location: Mumbai

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a Marketing Associate, you will be an integral part of our dynamic team, responsible for executing innovative marketing campaigns and initiatives. Your duties will include:

  1. Campaign Development: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to conceptualize and develop creative marketing campaigns that resonate with our target audience and drive brand awareness.
  2. Content Creation: Craft compelling and engaging content for various marketing channels, including social media, email newsletters, blogs, and website updates. Ensure content aligns with brand guidelines and effectively communicates key messages.
  3. Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and competitive insights. Utilize findings to inform strategic decision-making and campaign optimization.
  4. Digital Marketing: Execute digital marketing strategies across platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Monitor campaign performance, analyze metrics, and optimize tactics to maximize ROI.
  5. Event Coordination: Assist in the planning and coordination of marketing events, including seminars, workshops, webinars, and product launches. Ensure seamless execution and provide on-site support as needed.
  6. Relationship Management: Cultivate strong relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, vendors, and influencers. Collaborate closely to leverage mutual opportunities and drive mutual growth.
  7. Performance Analysis: Track and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns using relevant metrics and analytics tools. Generate insightful reports and recommendations to drive continuous improvement and achieve business objectives.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Business Administration, or related field. Advanced degrees or certifications are a plus.
  • Experience: While prior experience in marketing is preferred, we welcome enthusiastic and motivated individuals, including fresh graduates, to apply. Relevant internships or projects will be considered.
  • Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills, creative thinking ability, attention to detail, and proficiency in digital marketing tools and platforms. Knowledge of analytics tools such as Google Analytics is advantageous.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to work effectively in a collaborative team environment, build relationships across departments, and adapt to evolving priorities. Demonstrated initiative, resourcefulness, and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Age and Gender Inclusivity:

We believe in creating an inclusive and diverse work environment where individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds are welcome to thrive. Whether you're a fresher exploring your career path or an experienced professional seeking new challenges, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our dynamic team.

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